Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Vitiligo Natural Treatment

Vitiligo is the loss of skin color and referred to as vitiligo. In this type of skin diseases, the patient has suffered from depigmentation and the color of the skin started to change in the form of patches. In this disease, a person starts to feel shy and loses all the confidence in him. The white colored patches start to grow at different parts of the body and they look disgusting. In this disease there is gradual loss of color of skin and this in turn starts to change the color in different parts. This change is vague at first and then it all starts to look vivid and looks bad.
There are different reasons of the problem and every reason has their different cures. The causes can start with excessive mental worries. A person suffering from a lot of depression or someone who can’t think of anything else and stays worried all the time can get this problem easily. Following are some of the causes of Leucoderma.
·         stress
·         anxiety
·         gastric disorder
·         mental worry
·         too much exposure of burnt or injured areas with the sun
·         genetically
·         injuries
·         infections
The starts with showing no signs of it and when the small signs are clear they are neglected by people because everyone thinks they are small and can get better with time. This negligence causes problems later and people should learn to deal with the problem when it shows the very first sign.
·         white spots
·         pale patches
·         color loss
·         hair color change
The natural method of treating vitiligo has been invented a long time ago. People used to the think that the treatment was not correct and they never took it serious. The natural treatment has been noted well than the experiments and the operations. There are a lot of natural treatments of the disease and you can get the use of it by having to know the best natural treatment.
The natural treatment includes walnuts, margosa leaves and honey and all those naturally affecting things that are very helpful in treating with the disease. For getting the treatment naturally from walnuts you have to take some walnuts, crush them and make some powder out of it. Add water and make a paste of it. Apply it on your affected areas for a few minutes and then wash it off. Do the same for some days and then see the amazing result.
The natural treatments are very effective and the best part is that if doesn’t help you it won't give any side effects and you can know in a few days whether the treatment is helpful or not. You can try any natural treatment and get to know about so many from some doctor. Make sure that the treatment you want to start using has the right impact on your skin and that the doctor approves its use otherwise it is of no use. You have to be very careful when it comes to your skin and getting rid of a skin problem is very hard.


  1. What kind of walnuts? English or Black? My sister has been suffering with Vitiligo for many years. I really would like to help her, if I can. Thank you.

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